Gutter Leaf Protection

Warranty Registration

Money Back Guarantee: 

  • For 12 months only.

  • For failure of product only.

  • Limited to original cost of product.

  • Where a valid and authenticated claim is made by a consumer pursuant to a twelve month money-back warranty, arising from manufacturing defect in the Product, the Retail Price (exclusive of installation and/or cleaning costs).

    Provided that in no case will the Supplier’s liability for the cost of repairing the Product or replacing it exceeded the Retail Price.

  • Does not cover cost of removal.

  • Does not cover cost of dumping.

  • Does not apply at all if not installed correctly.

Warranty exclusions: 
GuttaFilta™ is not warranted against damage caused by any form of wildlife including all birds, bush turkeys, possums, rats, mice, snakes, etc.

Whilst GuttaFilta™ will assist your gutters to be efficient and will greatly reduce the instances of overflowing. Fitting GuttaFilta™ will not, however, guarantee overflowing will not occur.

Overflowing can caused by many other variables - such as inappropriate gutter size, inappropriate down pipe size, inappropriate number of down pipes, whether your down pipes are blocked or not and the amount of rain, etc, etc.

Generally, because GuttaFilta™ keeps your gutters clear of debris, your gutters are far less likely to overflow with GuttaFilta™ than without it.