Gutter Guard Filter Foam


Gutter Guard Filter Foam

In 2012, emerging from the establishment, development and growth of Dyman Foams (established 1992) over a long period of time in the conversion of all types of foam Kevin Feldman(founding director) formed a new Company - GuttaFilta" Pty Ltd. GuttaFilta Pty Ltd was formed to develop and roll out specialty products in a different field.

The Founding Managing Director of GuttaFilta, Kevin Feldman, had been a long time servant of the Furniture and Foam Industry and was, in 2011, granted Life Membership by the Furniture Industry Association(Q). Kevin had been a Director of the Queensland Industry Association for over 25 years - 7 of those years as President. In that time he had also served for over 10 years on the National Body.

Dyman Foams, the manufacturing arm for GuttaFilta, is a respected Queensland Company, employing Queenslanders and making quality products for the local and national markets across all sectors. Dyman Foams has never lost sight of its responsibility to the Industry nor to the community and this has been demonstrated over time.

The very fabric of Dyman Foams and GuttaFilta is our people - measured by our products and the respect we have from our peers. We are proud of our Companies, our products and our achievements.

Please note: We accept no responsibility for GuttaFilta" being used where it does not conform to the Law or Standards. If in doubt please check with your local Authority. Please note when in use impurities may gather within the foam and these impurities may affect the retardant rating.