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Nick Newton I am a registered builder with 40 years experience, mainly in the renovation/restoration field, and firmly believe that "GuttaFilta is the best and only leaf protection I would use, and in fact I have installed it in my own property.
Pat and Bill

We are happy with the product dealing with GuttFilta was easy delivery was fantastic

Ross D


I just wanted to thank you for a really good service and a really good product. For about 20 years I have been trying to get something to stop water coming off my roof and this seems to have done the trick.


Hi Kevin/Matthew

Just thought I'd drop you guys a line to say how happy I am with your product.  Not only did I find the transaction easy but the installation was a piece of cake.

Since installing, we have no overflow from the gutters (not even in the past few days with the storms – they say over 300mm in 4 hours) and not a leaf in sight.  The issue with brown water due to leaves soaking in the gutters before entering the tank is now a problem firmly in the past.  Even the high winds didn't dislodge any!

I love that there is no need for silicon or fixings, pretty much anyone can fit this themselves, that it's light and easy to store and removable if need be and that you guys are so easy to deal with.

Thanks for a great product and a great experience, I'll be spreading the word wherever I can.


John Kenney

Had GuttaFilta for a week now, not happy......the leaves are now blowing off the roof into my swimming pool. In a serious note it appears to work very well have a metal roof with cliplok profile it was impossible to fit any of the mesh type guards. Had 80mm of rain in a short time the day after fitting , seem normal runoff. Appears to be an excellent product

Anne Smith

Most impressed with the service and quality that GuttaFilta has provided.

Jacqueline & Daryl Howell

We were recomended GuttaFilta by a friend we are more than pleased with our longer are the leaves piling up on our roof like they did with the junk we put into our gutters ...we have had a small amount of rain and we could hear the leafless water running down the downpipes and not down the brickwork..we do live under a lot of trees and are more than greatful this time we made the right choice regards Jackie and Darryl howell

Chris Bramble

The quick response to our request for an on-site quote was pleasing and the service rep who attended was extremely professional and helpful. The product that we have purchased so far for our garage has done the job extremely well and was very easy to install by ourselves. We intend to purchase further gutta filtas for our house and granny flat in the very near future.

Susan Williams

After years of unsuccessful gutter guards and expensive solutions to stop heavy rain overflowing inside our house, GuttaFilta has proved to be effective. And inexpensive!

Trevor Siddall

We self installed.

Jim Allen

Very good product - installer excellant

Mark Murase

I'd especially like to commend Rebecca Marshall for her excellent service. I self-installed, so my response on the install section could be neglected. You've got a very good product. Easy to install.

Michelle Sandru

Love this Product !!! Best on the Market and it has made so much difference to our home.!!!

John Vogel

Was a great experience dealing with Gutta Filta

Barbara Sallway

I am so far impressed with my guttaFilta installation. I have had GuttaFilter for approximately 2 months, my gutters don't overflow anymore and I can hear rain dripping down the down pipes. So far so good.

Steve Turpin

I did not answer all of your questions as we did the install ourselves but any and all communication was dealt with promptly. From first inquiry to consultation to supply was very quick. Thank you.

Patricia Woodruff


Anne Smith

Many thanks. We're very happy with the service provided.

Christine Toner

Given the small size of the job I was pleasantly surprised that the work was undertaken promptly. Excellent level of service. Thank you

Julie Bowdery

there were a few hiccups along the way with the quotation process and then the wrong type of guttafilta was supplied causing a further delay. extremely happy with the installer despite the fact that still parts of the gutter were not covered with the guttafilta as the quotation still didn't cover these areas of the gutter. To remedy this an onsite quotation would have been better - reliance on the online maps that were out of date did not help!!! I have noticed though that our tank water is much clearer - unfortunately we have not had too much rain of late so we have not seen how the guttafilta works in heavy rainfall yet!

Lewis Wharington

All good so far,cant wait to see how we go when all the leaves have gone.

Dear Kevin

I wish to let you know how happy we are with our decision to purchase and install GuttaFilta. Our school consists of many buildings spread over several vegetated acres. We found the gutters were constantly filled with leaves, balls and bottles. GuttaFilta has been the answer to a demanding and high maintenance gutter cleaning schedule. Since installing GuttaFilta we have literally been able to abandon the time consuming, costly cleaning procedure. The other benefit is that we now have a fully functioning gutter system. So when there is heavy rain we do not experience the clogged gutters and subsequent water problems we used to.

Shane Jocumsen
School Facilities Officer
James Nash State High School


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