Gutter Leaf Protection

False Rumors

As our product gains in popularity it appears competitors using other products have taken to scuttlebutt to try to denigrate guttafilta, not a very ethical means of doing business but for some it's all they know.

The following is some of the scuttlebutt I am hearing.

GuttaFilta will, over time, clog up and cause water to overflow.

This is untrue. If the particles are small enough to enter the guttafilta they will then wash out in the next rainfall. If the particles are too big to enter the filter they will sit on top of the guttafilta, dry and blow off in the breeze. I have had GuttaFilta in my house for almost three years. I live nestled into a rain forest. Prior to installing guttafilta I was having my gutters cleaned every 3 months and, in reality, it should have been every month (such is the nature of the leaf problem I have). In the three years since installing the guttafilta I have had the roof cleaned once that being almost 18 months ago. The reason for cleaning wasn't anything to do with the performance of guttafilta it was to shoot a TV advert and the producers wanted a pristine clear roof. In the 18 months since the tv production the roof has not been touched and we have had some serious weather conditions including storms, floods and tropical lows. The GuttaFilta is performing perfectly and I sincerely believe it will do so well beyond the seven year warranty period.

GuttaFilta will break down and end up in your water tank.

This too is untrue. The foam in GuttaFilta isn't like normal everyday foam. GuttaFilta is designed for external use. It is a specialty foam that has been University tested for UV stability and has been designed to suit outdoor conditions. It is warranted for 7 years and in the 3 years we have been making and selling the product we have seen no deterioration and we do not expect to see any.

GuttaFilta will blow out of your gutter during high winds and/or storms.

Again this is untrue. It simply just won't. GuttaFilta by construction is approximately 98% air any strong winds etc simply go straight through it.

Branches etc falling from trees will damage GuttaFilta.

GuttaFilta is a very resilient foam that can withstand a lot of abuse. It can be vacuum packed to 1/3 of its size and left that way for months. Upon release it springs immediately back to its original shape and size. To think a branch falling on it and crushing it will damage it is not true. It can be bent, twisted and jumped on and will not be damaged. (Other products cannot say this).

In very heavy downpours GuttaFilta will cause your gutters to overflow.

This is an interesting statement. There are many variables as to why gutter overflow from being caused by debris build up in gutters, from down pipes being blocked, from not enough down pipes, from not enough fall on the gutters, from the wrong size of gutters and from how the gutters have been installed. GuttaFilta in itself will not cause gutters to overflow in heavy rain in fact quite the opposite. GuttaFilta actually allows gutters to work efficiently how they are supposed to however if any of the other variables are in play the gutter will/may overflow. 15 months ago we installed guttafilta into a property in Gympie. Since that installation date Gympie has had severe weather conditions that the town has flooded three times. Not once did the gutters with GuttaFilta in them overflow in fact, as we only did part of the property, they are so impressed with GuttaFilta that we are now in the process of installing our product to the rest of the property. There is less chance of gutter over flowing with GuttaFilta installed than there is should the gutters have no protection or some form of other protection.

As an overview we have supplied and installed GuttaFilta to New Zealand, to Perth, to Adelaide, to Melbourne, to Sydney and all over Queensland thousands of KILOMETERS of the product in various shapes and sizes and into various climatic conditions. GuttaFilta has gone into private homes, Government and private schools, Age Care and various other places. We have heard none of the scuttlebutt from any person who has purchased the product.