Gutter Leaf Protection


There are many factors that need to be considered for us to offer pricing

For example gutter type; gutter size; is it DIY; height of building; access to gutters; the pitch of the roof; what State you are in (freight being a consideration) and so on.

We understand, though, that many visitors to our website would like some indication as to the cost of GuttaFilta… there is NO product similar on the market. It is revolutionary and has many added benefits and it REALLY works…..but is it cost effective?

The answer is yes – it is very cost effective and more than competitive. Depending on the number of cleans required per year we have been able to demonstrate to Government Departments that the return on investment becomes positive in year two (and in some cases prior to that) when taking into consideration certain parameters. It is truly a wonderful cost effective investment.

To give you an understanding of the comparative pricing of our product we offer the following as guide - GuttaFilta starts from $23.00 per meter DIY  standard gutters (inc gst).

Should you require GuttaFilta to be fitted we can do this for you also – however the quoting for this needs to be more precise and be after the job has been inspected (due to the variances mentioned above). Again to give you an indication – cleaning and installation prices begin at $5.00 per meter (inc gst).

We are finding that an average house has approximately 50 meters of guttering …… this will cost (standard quad) approximately $1200.00 DIY and about $1400 - $1500.00 cleaned and installed (please note – these prices are indicative prices only and final prices will need to individually quoted after inspection).

GuttaFilta is the only product on the market that really works over time. We guarantee that it does.